15 Clever Book Displays

Since February is Library Lover’s Month, I wanted to showcase something that librarians work very hard on and that patrons love: all those wonderful book displays!

I’ve worked in a few libraries and bookstores, and putting together unique and creative displays (and watching readers discover new books because of them) was one of my favorite parts of the job. Here are a few clever set ups that I love, and wish I had thought of!

Welcome to the 21st Century

YA Character Tweets
From Dorman High School Media Center

From Ms. Rupa’s 6th grade classroom

I love seeing displays that incorporate other media to appeal to young readers. Bonus: the twitter feed encourages students to guess which character tweeted what to win a Barnes & Noble gift card.

Hands on

March Madness
By Emily Andrus

Reading Fortune
By Emily Weak

National Poetry Month
By Rose Hopkins-LaRocco

What better way to get kid’s attention than give them something to play with? All of these displays invite patrons to actually interact with their library and the books they’re reading.

Seasonal Displays

Caught Reading a Banned Book
From Lamoille Union Middle & High School Library

Blind Date with a Book
By Silvia, a librarian with the City University of New York

No Shave November
By Emily Andrus

Holidays are the best excuse to put up an elaborate display. And no holiday is so obscure that librarians won’t find a way to make it about books! Blind Date with a Book is one of my favorite displays to see popping up around Valentine’s Day.

A Few Other Favorites

Blue Books
From Blue Willow Books

This might be cheating a bit, since this isn’t from a library, but I’ve seen a ton of variations on this common conundrum.


Dying for Mystery
From the Blue Springs North Branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library

I do love a good pun!


Dewey Number of the Day
By Amie Stapleton

This is a great way to encourage readers to seek out books they might not have checked out otherwise.


Dear Diary
From Paschal High School Library

Not all of these books are memoirs, but they just might inspire readers to develop a personal connection with the characters.


Made for Each Other
From Horowhenua College Library

I love this idea! Pairing these books helps readers make connections they might not have, and encourages them to try new books.


First Line
By Angie Manfredi

The purpose of displays is to highlight certain books, and what better way to display a book than by showing off the actual text?


Book Map
By Gabrielle Karsai

This bulletin board is from a children’s library, but is an excellent way to display global literature for all ages.


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