Recommendations from a Virtual Bookseller

Last month, one of my favorite local indie bookstores launched a Virtual Bookseller tool that allows you to receive book recommendations from the staff of Porter Square Books in your email. It seemed like a pretty cool idea, so I filled out the form and (im)patiently awaited my results.

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A Twist within a Twist

Grownup, TheThe Grownup
Gillian Flynn

The unnamed narrator of this novella is a small time con artist who specializes in aura reading and sensual massage at Spiritual Palms. When Susan Burke hires her to cleanse her Victorian home of negative energy, which she believes is driving her teenage stepson Miles to violence against his new baby brother, our protagonist sees it as a way to make an easy buck and potentially gain some new clients.

But after several harrowing experiences in the Burke home, the psychic realizes that she might have stumbled into a true paranormal haunting, and is definitely over her head.

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