My Kind of Horror

Through the WoodsThrough the Woods
Emily Carroll

I have a…complicated relationship with the horror genre. For most of my life, I avoided it entirely, more afraid of the fear and uncertainty that would come as a result of the scary thing than the scary thing itself. But I loved those books and movies that existed right on the edge of horror–Frankenstein and Dracula were just creepy enough to satisfy my desire for something mildly frightening, but weren’t so scary that I found it difficult to sleep at night.

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Because Comics: A Compilation Of The Best Grammar And Literature Comics

Because I love comics and I love literature, here’s a little of both. Continue reading →

Read Harder 2016, Part 2

Here is part two of my reading challenge list for 2016, which covers all the tasks set by Panels for reading comics widely and consciously. Read my Book Riot challenge list here.

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Webcomic Review: Mare Internum

I’ve spent a dizzying amount of time gushing about Der-shing Helmer and her return to webcomics over the last couple months, and now the time has come for an official review of her newest comic Mare Internum!

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