My Kind of Horror

Through the WoodsThrough the Woods
Emily Carroll

I have a…complicated relationship with the horror genre. For most of my life, I avoided it entirely, more afraid of the fear and uncertainty that would come as a result of the scary thing than the scary thing itself. But I loved those books and movies that existed right on the edge of horror–Frankenstein and Dracula were just creepy enough to satisfy my desire for something mildly frightening, but weren’t so scary that I found it difficult to sleep at night.

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Review: Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1

I became familiar with DeConnick’s work through Captain Marvel, and have since constructed a shrine and began performing weekly Friday night summoning rituals. They have yet to have any effect as far as I’m aware, but that’s another story.

Our current story is that I picked up this comic expecting excellence and was still blown away.

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Review: Lazarus #1-#19

Lazarus takes place in the near future, where the countries we know have been abolished, and the world is governed by 16 wealthy ruling families. These families live in luxury, and those who serve them receive food and shelter. Everyone else is Waste.

Each ruling family has what’s called a Lazarus: a member of the family who has been genetically modified and technologically enhanced to protect the family. Forever Carlyle is her family’s Lazarus. The youngest of her siblings, Forever has been trained since childhood to be a weapon, a tool to further her father’s ambitions and maintain her family’s position.

Beyond the edges of their estate, a rebellion is brewing. The rigid caste system implemented by the families has left millions living in squalor and starving as the last of the resources are gobbled up by those in power. Between terrorist uprisings and divided family interests, Forever is struggling to find her place in the middle of the conflict.

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Because Comics: A Compilation Of The Best Grammar And Literature Comics

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Review: An Age of License

Age of License, AnAn Age of License is a travel journal written by Lucy Knisley that details her trip around Europe in the fall of 2011.

After an invitation to speak at Raptus Comic Fest in Bergen, Norway, Knisley takes the opportunity to plan a trip around Europe to visit friends and family. Over the course of her travels she struggles with past relationships, work, and an uncertain future. She spends pages analyzing her love life, both with her ex John, and her current beau Henrik. What makes this difficult for her is that she still has feelings for John that she can’t seem to move past, and yet she knows that this budding relationship with Henrik cannot possibly last.

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Review: Sex Criminals, Vol. 1

Today I picked up Eisner-nominated Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, and promptly laughed my ass off for an hour.

It’s smartly written and wonderfully illustrated; Fraction and Zdarsky took an original idea—what if time really did stop when you orgasm?—and made it compelling, funny, sexy, and touching (no, not that kind) all at the same time.

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If You’re Not Reading Ody-C, You Should Be

Ody-C #1I’ve written a bit in the past on the gorgeous comic Ody-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward, and would like to share some of my thoughts.

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