Recommendations from a Virtual Bookseller

Last month, one of my favorite local indie bookstores launched a Virtual Bookseller tool that allows you to receive book recommendations from the staff of Porter Square Books in your email. It seemed like a pretty cool idea, so I filled out the form and (im)patiently awaited my results.

The Makings of a Slytherin Witch

For one Christmas, I can’t remember which, I received my first Harry Potter books. It was the first boxset, the one that contained Sorcerer’s Stone through Goblet of Fire. Before then, I hadn’t known or cared what Harry Potter was. I was unimpressed by the intricate Golden Snitch presented to me by a classmate on stark white…

Read Harder 2016, Part 2

Here is part two of my reading challenge list for 2016, which covers all the tasks set by Panels for reading comics widely and consciously. Read my Book Riot challenge list here.

My Year in Books

Did you know that Goodreads now shows you your year in books?

Blinded by (Fake) Science: BAH Fest East 2015

I bought my tickets for BAH Fest, the festival of “bad, ad hoc hypotheses,” on a whim. As a long time fan of Zach Weinersmith and his comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, I was aware that BAH Fest was something that happened. I knew it involved science, to a certain extent, and humor to another extent….

Reading Challenges 2015

When I moved into my dorm at MTSU a little over two years ago, I packed a box of about 50 books, thinking that I’d have all the time in the world to read them. I had been a voracious reader for the majority of my academic career up to that while, while also maintaining…