Review: King of the Cracksmen

This debut from TV and film writer Dennis O’Flaherty, dubbed “a steampunk entertainment,” is an alternate history adventure that explores what 1877 in America might have looked like. What if Lincoln had never been assassinated? What if Andrew Jackson had sold the territory obtained through the Louisiana Purchase? What if Tesla had lived long enough to further develop his technology? King of the Cracksmen holds answers to all these questions and more.

After the Civil War, Secretary of War, Eddie Stanton stepped up to run things when an attempted assassination of President Lincoln leaves him mysteriously absent from government proceedings. Russia has purchased the territory west of the Mississippi, renaming it Little Russia. Secretary Tesla (yes, that Tesla) has advanced American technology far enough to create an army of machines: steam generators power Helios light globes, voicewire machines have revolutionized communication, automated soldiers called Acmes roam the streets, and giant Black Deltas patrol the skies.

This review originally appeared on Women Write About Comics. Read the rest here!


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