Mini Reviews of Old Schoolbooks

I’ve been done with school for a couple years now, but there are certain books I read in college that I still think about. Here are a few mini reviews of those books.

Their Eyes Were Watching GodTheir Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

I read this novel for my Black Women Writers course and immediately fell in love. It is simultaneously poetic and harshly realistic as Janie grows and learns of the nature of relationships and what it means to love another. I recommend it for everyone, but especially those who catch themselves wondering about that elusive “true love” or those trying to learn how to love themselves.



Girl with a Pearl EarringGirl with a Pearl Earring

While not my favorite read so far, this book is at least moderately enjoyable. More importantly, though it is set in 1660s Europe, this novel highlights the illusion of social mobility we cling to and our obsession with appearances. We like to think that we have moved on from the prejudices of Griet’s days, but some of what she faces feels all too familiar.




Night Mother‘Night Mother

This is my favorite play. And yes, that includes Shakespeare. There isn’t a whole lot that happens, but I love the way that Norman slowly builds tension through the smallest acts. From the first line Jessie’s mind is made up, and she spends the next ninety minutes preparing her mother for the time when she won’t be there for her anymore. It’s sad to see how Jessie’s life has come to this point, and heartbreaking to watch the final interactions between her and her mother.



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