Review: Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1

I became familiar with DeConnick’s work through Captain Marvel, and have since constructed a shrine and began performing weekly Friday night summoning rituals. They have yet to have any effect as far as I’m aware, but that’s another story.

Our current story is that I picked up this comic expecting excellence and was still blown away.

The short and sweet of it: This book kicks ass. Just like each of its characters and the entire creative team behind it.

DeConnick tells a twisting tale that is best described as a supernatural western; I know, it sounds weird, but trust me goddammit. The narrative is presented through a very innocent butterfly and a more worldly-wise rabbit. It is a story of love, vengeance, death, and the afterlife. This folktale about the daughter of death is, for all my love of Carol Danvers, DeConnick’s best work.

But the writing itself is only half the novel. The other half is the art, which is fucking gorgeous. Rios’ clean illustrations and unique paneling compliments the action on the page and heightens DeConnick’s storytelling.

But the colors.

I’ve seen some beautiful comics, but none that rival Jordie Bellaire’s use of color.

I want to plaster my walls with the panels of this comic so I can be around it all the time (because, you know, I never leave my house anyway).

DeConnick, Rios, and the rest of the creative team defy the traditional comic structure by combining two genres that don’t typically jive together—two genres that are also male dominated in both the character and creator departments.

Pretty Deadly is a visually stunning piece of graphic literature that will leave you starving for the next issue.

But don’t worry, you’re in good company.


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