Review: Lazarus #1-#19

Lazarus takes place in the near future, where the countries we know have been abolished, and the world is governed by 16 wealthy ruling families. These families live in luxury, and those who serve them receive food and shelter. Everyone else is Waste.

Each ruling family has what’s called a Lazarus: a member of the family who has been genetically modified and technologically enhanced to protect the family. Forever Carlyle is her family’s Lazarus. The youngest of her siblings, Forever has been trained since childhood to be a weapon, a tool to further her father’s ambitions and maintain her family’s position.

Beyond the edges of their estate, a rebellion is brewing. The rigid caste system implemented by the families has left millions living in squalor and starving as the last of the resources are gobbled up by those in power. Between terrorist uprisings and divided family interests, Forever is struggling to find her place in the middle of the conflict.

This review was originally published on Comics Alliance. Read the rest of it here!


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