Review: Evensong

Evensong is the second novel from science fiction writer John Love. Set in the year 2060, it follows the latest mission of Anwar Abbas, a member of a special agency of the United Nations Executive branch (UNEX) nicknamed The Dead. Officially known as Consultants, members of this organization are cybernetically enhanced upon recruitment. Their purpose: to do the impossible.

But this time Anwar’s mission is much more mundane: he is to act as a bodyguard for Olivia del Sarto, Archbishop of the massive New Anglican Church. Sometimes more of a corporate or political organization than a religious one, the New Anglicans sprouted from the original Church of England and have flourished under del Sarto’s leadership since she took up her post five years before. Olivia herself is the root of much controversy, both inside and outside the church. She is loud, opinionated, and ambitious, qualities that often unnerve those around her, including Anwar.

This review was originally published on Women Write About Comics. Read the rest here!


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