A Look at the March LitKit

Last month I received a collection of experimental fiction, writing tools, and stationery from the awesome folks over at LitKit!

Here’s a brief look at what was included in this box:

  • 1 copy of A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City by Benjamin Wachs
  • 4 conceptual drink recipe cards
  • 1 LitKit bookmark
  • 1 page of monthly prompts
  • 1 illustration from Benjamin Wachs’ latest book Lamenting Avalon
  • 1 small stationery set
  • 1 gorgeous wax sealing kit

Let’s start with A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the books I’ve previously received from LitKit; I enjoyed some of the stories, but most of this collection just wasn’t for me. Some of my favorites were “Thanatos Cuisine,” “The Fix,” and “The High Prices in Venice.” The other stories I thought were almost too ambiguous, though they left plenty for me to wonder about, and I found the concept connecting the stories fascinating. For more a more detailed review, check out my post at Cannonball Read.

LitKit Postcards

I thought the recipe cards were clever, and the parts of the recipe you can actually use make some pretty good drinks. As usual, the monthly prompt set gave some great inspiration. I like the calendar format used for the prompts because it encourages you to set time aside to write, rather than waiting until you have a spare moment.

I haven’t used any of the stationery yet, but the bookmark has been put to good use. On the other hand, I found the wax sealing kit to be very useful, and it’s probably my favorite item in this shipment. It’s a nice way to add a personal touch to a letter or card. (My friend said she saved the seal from the envelope I mailed her because it was so cool!) Michael and Meg created a very helpful how-to video, and the kit worked like a charm. Cleanup was a bit of a challenge, but the best solution I found was to let the wax soak in nail polish remover for an hour or two and wash off the remaining wax with hot water and dish soap. Just make sure you wash it very thoroughly before reusing, because the acetone in nail polish remover is flammable!

LitKit Wax Set

Look at this beauty!


This box had some great stuff in it, and I look forward to seeing what great tools and literature come next from the folks at LitKit!

If you’re disappointed that you missed this box, you can still order this and other single boxes from the LitKit website!


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